Consignment sale

We offer the consignment sale of your vehicle. We can put you vehicle data on many advertising portals, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We take a professional pictures of your vehicle and prepare the consignment agreement. We will contact you directly in case of any interest in your vehicle. Consignment agreement is usually prepared for indefinite period but at least for one month. The money are paid immediately after logging vehicle to the new owner.

Consignment sale advantages:

  • Vehicle is parked by us and insured against theft and natural disasters
  • Our parking lot is secured by PCO and the dog with a special training
  • Parking is free for you and you can save your number-plate by us

Required documents:

  • ID of participant
  • Technichal Certificate of the Vehicle
  • Certification of TC
  • Car Insurence Card
  • Trade Certificate (if you have it)